The quintessential luxury lifestyle is a seamless transition from indulgence to extravagence, a standard of living that is not weighed down by the routine or mundane. It is a life without stress, without worry and without caution. It is like that famous French phrase; Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucorp – ‘Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly’. We invite you to our world of excellence and our passionate commitment to making your life that much easier.

As a company that has been a trusted provider of exclusive concierge and butler service based in Sentosa Cove, we’ve crafted our offering to adapt, flex and fit to each and every one of our client’s needs.

 The Guild of Professional English Butlers – A refined mark of esteemed Butler services

As a respected butler service provider we take our prestigious role incredibly seriously; as holders of the Guild of Professional English Butlers accreditation our butlers have undergone the meticulous training, and diligent coaching that butlers within the world’s finest hotels have similarly undergone.

We provide you the ultimate luxury property & lifestyle management service of the highest standards, service and discretion. We aim to gift you with the freedom of time, a luxury that only the priviledged few have in abundance. Let our property & lifestyle service open a new world of opportunity and indulgence bolstered by the extravagance that only time can give you. You’ve already tasted the high life; now move towards an existence of utmost convenience where passions can be freely enjoyed while we take the burden away from you.

We never settle for anything less than exceptional, and neither should you.